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    Customized Guided Tour – Ensar Islamoglu on CCTV

    Chinese Television got the best guide for their customized guided tour. It was Ensar`s pleasure to tell them about and make them fall in love with his country.

    Chinese television was in Turkey to make a film and introduce Istanbul and Turkey itself to their viewers.

    Their idea was to do something special and they needed somebody different for that. They chose the recommended, best private tour guide in Istanbul, Ensar Islamoglu.

    It was my pleasure to help the television crew to do that.

    Although I mentioned to them that they needed to make at least hundreds of episodes; because of lack of time, we could only make one…

    Paradise of history, archaeology and mythology

    With more than 30,000 ruins, only about 1000 of which are visible, my country is a paradise of history, archaeology and mythology. What you will see in the film about Turkey below is only a small part of what treasure my country has. In Turkey you can visit the oldest temple of the world, Gobeklitepe. You can watch the sunset on Mount Nemrut. You can see Cappadocia from a hot balloon…

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