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Evaluating the Application

Evaluating the Application of Regular Grammars for Bulgarian Verb Forms

Some Preliminary Evaluation of the Grammar Application

The application of Recognizer 2 enables correct delimitation and markup of the majority of the longest compound verb form patterns. Experiments with a newspaper corpus reveal that chunks identified by Recognizer 1 are often adjacent within the longest compound verb form patterns in communicatively unmarked written prose. The paradigmatic representation of word order within the verb complex, considering the “communicative organization of Bulgarian sentences” as outlined in Avgustinova 1997 Building a Two-Level Grammar, supports this conclusion.

Here are numerical insights into the application of the regular grammars

In a 4292-word text, Recognizer 1 identifies 536 occurrences of main verbs with or without small words, 164 occurrences of auxiliary verbs with or without sma

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