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An Ancient Land of Craftsmen and Culture

Ancient Phrygia, located in the western part of the Anatolian plateau, held a rich history shaped by skilled craftsmen and a unique culture. This land, marked by the Sakarya River, is now encompassed by the modern cities of Afyon, Eskisehir, and Ankara. Let’s explore the remnants of this historical realm.

Geography and Modern Cities

Phrygia’s historical boundaries stretched across the Anatolian plateau, positioned strategically between Afyon, Eskisehir, and Ankara. Today, only three major cities Anatolian Milestones, Afyon, known for opium, Eskisehir, an industrial hub and key railway junction, and Kütahya, famed for ceramics and brown coal mining, carry the echoes of Phrygia’s past.

Historical Significance

In antiquity, Phrygia thrived with numerous towns and cities, becoming a focal point on the eastward routes from Lydia and Caria. Despite its

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