Taner Alakus


    Prof. Dr. Cicek Derman

    Art comes into being when training, effort and patience interlock. In our traditional arts especially, the purpose of art is not to produce works but to turn ourselves into a work of art that will enhance our moral character. If art is made with the joy and ardor of worship, the result will be magnificent.

    Taner Alakus

    Art is the spiritual connection between teacher and student. Just as art is the sultan of the spirit, so the practicing artist must be the humblest among those spirits. Art is the artist`s own paradise.

    Yrd. Doc. Huseyin gunduz

    For art lovers and calligraphy buffs, a beautiful inscription is a beautiful picture. For the artist who creates the work, it reflects his inner world on paper in lines, shapes, colors and beautiful words. Calligraphy is a language. It gives rise to a silent communication between people whether they know that language or not.

    Islam Secen

    Art is a seed, however much you plant, that much will grow.Art is a royal realm.

    Mahmut Pestey

    Art is another name for immortality in this world.

    Yrd. Doc- Gulihal Kupels

    As I see it, what makes a `craftsman `an artist is not his being drawn along by his craft in an effort to make use of everything everywhere; instead it is the way he brings to his art the balance and harmony of the universe by realizing what to use where and how to use it through his innate talent and intelligence, the artistic experience he has gained, and his intuition.

    Levent Kum

    How nicely Asik Veysel put it when he said, “the black earth is my faithful lover. ` Once it falls into the hands of the tile makers, black earth is handled roughly and crushed, and yet it submits to the master`s hands. Earth knows its end is in the tile maker`s hands and is silent. Until, that is, it is adorned like a bride and sings a song that endures into the future.


    Societies live through their traditions. This is also true of art. I have been practicing the art of illumination, one of the most important branches of our traditional arts, for 34 years. My aim and my desire is to leave this extraordinarily beautiful art to future generations without losing it. Art should be made for art`s sake. Art should be made with love.

    Nilufer Kurfeyz

    Success in the art of illumination is proportionate to how correctly we establish the connection between analysis and synthesis.

    What really excited me as curator of this exhibition was the way miniaturist Taner Alakus, who works in an old Ottoman quarter right next to Chora Museum, took a break from his painstaking work and raised his head to glance out the window of his studio QS if he was looking at the entire Byzantine and Ottoman past.

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