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Thermal springs

Thermal springs remedy illnesses

Thermal springs of Sivas, with their hot and cold healing waters, are the most attractive features. Balikli Thermal Spring located in the valley of River Hamam, 13 kilometers northeast of the Kangal district, 90 kilometers from the city center is visited by numerous tourists.

Yilanli germik

The thermal spring known as Yilanli germik has an altitude of one thousand and 425 meters and is fed by five different springs. Spreading its fame, this healing thermal spring that started to serve in 1966 with four pools and a motel with 2 floors and 16 rooms, nowadays serves with four sections of hotels, six pools, 16 private baths, restaurants, shops and a tea garden. Kangal Balikli Thermal Spring is effective for the cure of dermatoses like spore and rheumatism problems. Healing properties arise from the chemical properties of the water and the inhabitant fish inside.

It is said that the fish living in the 36-37 Celsius degree wat

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Towards Turkish Republic

First steps towards the Republic

When we take a tour at the history section it is possible to name many civilizations such as Assyrians, Hittites, Cimmerians, Phrygians, Romans, Danisments, Etratna, Seljuks, llkhanids and Ottomans that though did not settle and remain for many years but lodged in Sivas.

Sivas is one of rare provinces in Turkey that still significantly conserves this cultural and historical heritage bestowed by its past. The facts that Sivas is one of the regions witnessing the Sivas Congress realized by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on 4 September 1919 and then the foundation of Republic, increase

A beautiful example of Ottoman mosques built in the 19th

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Three bushels

The youth went into the stable; he took a large measure, for he desired to take much corn; he loaded it with wheat and barley; and he went out carrying it. She said to him, “How much of the corn that is wanted, is that which is on thy shoulder?” He said to her: “Three bushels of barley, and two of wheat, in all five; these are what are upon my shoulder.” Thus said he to her. And she conversed with him, saying, “There is great strength in thee, for I see thy might every day.” And her heart knew him with the knowledge of youth. And she arose and came to him, and conversed with him, saying, “Come, stay with me, and it shall be well for thee, and I will make for thee beautiful garments.” Then the youth became like a panther of the south with fury at the evil speech which she had made to him; and she feared greatly. And he spake unto her, saying: “Behold, thou art to me as a mother, thy husband is to

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Avram Kamondo

Avram Kamondo bestowed many architectural Works to Istanbul The sad story of a Galata banker


The Jewish banker Avram Kamondo who had bestowed many architectural works to Istanbul has quite a unique life story. The magnificent stairs across the former Otto-man Bank building in Galata and the Kamondo Busi¬ness Center are only two of the works of art he had left to Istanbul… The mausoleum of this Istanbul lover in Haskoy is now left to delinquency.



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The Military Expedition to Nahcivan

On 28 August 1553, the Sultan started from Istanbul for a new military expedition to Iran. This was his twelfth mili-taiyexpedition. He was quite an aged man, 59 years old. The Sultan arrived in Erzurum via Konya and Diyarbakir and from there he advanced in Kars direction. Sending an insulting letter to the Shah as his father Sultan Selim, had Previously done, challenged him to a fight. But none of these treats yielded a result, the Iranian army once again did not appear on the scene. The Turkish army proceeded in the directions of Karabag and Nahcivan areas. Although the Sultan’s army reached as far as Nahcivan, Shah Tahmasp and…
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Nile, Stuttgart and New Delhi

Life on the Nile A journey by boat from Luxor to Aswan is one the loveliest tripsy you will ever make. The journey from L uxor to Aswan ona dahabiya, the traditional sailing cruisers that ply the Nile today as they have done for millennia, takes around six days – and will be amongst the most rewarding weeks you will ever spend travelling. Most of your time on the boat is spent up on deck, watching the landscape slipping silently by, disembarking at regular intervals to admire a nearby temple, a pharaoh’s tomb, or simply the ever-present desert. The berths and beds on board are very comfortable, but the best…
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How the Bosphorus was frozen in 1954

Curious Eyes The next day, it's reported that the wind changed direction and the ices move rather to the shores of Sile and this fact lightens the Bosphorus. After that the ices quit the Bosphorus and it stops snowing, such news cover much lesser place in the newspapers. After the flow of ices, on the first Sunday when a mild weather is felt, the inhabitants of Istanbul rush to the Bosphorus. “Gece Postasi” reports the news as follows:’’ The inhabitanst of Istanbul watch the flow of ices covering the Bosphorus at various points and they take photos together with their families. Some tricksters trying to take advantage of this event…
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Bulgaria Private Tours – Kazanlak Tour with rose picking for lovely Dutch people

Twelve happy and lovely Dutch people (six couples and twelve friends) left The Netherlands to visit my beautiful and friendly country, Bulgaria. They also joind one of our Bulgaria Private Tours.

We met on Friday, 20.05, the day of their Bulgaria Private Tours, Kazanlak. They travelled from Plovdiv and I was waiting for them in the village of Tarnichane, at the rose distillery. Some rose picking (well, it wasn’t as early as 5 am – Bulgaria Private Toursthe usual time to start the picking up), good and detailed information about the different oleaginous roses, the process of distilling and making rose oil and rose water, etc. Everything was fine but we missed the usual 10:30 coffee break. Back to our vehicle and off to Kazanlak. We had our coffee in the centre

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Spitzbergen Experience Cruise

The ‘Spitzbergen Experience’ cruise leads into the realm of polar bears.

On the MS Fram, passengers can explore the west coast of the largest island in the Svalbard Archipelago in detail. Starting out from the island capital of Longyearbyen, the MS Fram first sets a course for the ‘Sorkapp’ (southern cape) of Spitzbergen. The nine-day expeditionary voyage then leads north along the west coast to the north of the island at a latitude of 80° north. The focus of the cruise entitled ‘Disko Bay Expedition’, meanwhile, is on the breathtakingly beautiful polar worlds, and encounters with the Inuit and their culture. The MS Fram starts off on its nine-day tour from Kangerlussuaq, moving north along the west coast of Greenland until it reaches Disko Bay, where gig antic glaciers and overwhelming ice landscapes mesmerise passengers. In addition to these fascinating natural experiences, high

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