Khaled and Djaida part 5

On hearing these words Khaled cast his eyes on the ground; and remained for some time thoughtful and gloomy. Then he answered: “Mother, I cannot remain here longer. I must return home in company with my horsemen and troops. I have no intention of saying more to my cousin; I am convinced that she is a girl whose temper and philosophy are uncertain; her character and mode of speech are destitute of stability and propriety. I have always been accustomed to live with warriors, on whom I spend my wealth, and with whom I win a soldier`s fame. As for my cousin`s love for me, it is the weakness of a woman, a young girl.”

He then put on his armor, mounted his horse, bade his uncle farewell, and announced his intention of leaving on the moment. “What means this haste?” cried Zahir. “I can remain here no longer,” answered Khaled, and, putting his horse to a gallop, he plunged into the wilderness. His mother, after relating to Djaida the conversation she had had with h

Khaled and Djaida part 4

As for his cousin, the moment she had seen how handsome and valiant Khaled was, she fell violently in love with him. She was unable to sleep; she could not eat; and her love drew to such a pitch that feeling her heart completely lost to him, she spoke to her mother, saying: “Oh, mother, if my cousin should leave without taking me with him, I shall die of grief at his absence.”

Then her mother was touched with pity for her, and spoke no reproaches, feeling that they would be in vain. “Djaida,” she said, “conceal your feelings, and restrain yourself from grief. You have done nothing wrong, for your cousin is the man of your choice, and is of your own race and blood. Like him, you are beautiful and attractive; like him, brave and skilful in horsemanship. Tomorrow morning, when his mother comes to us, I will lay before her the whole matter; we will soon afterwards give you to him in marriage, and at last we shall all return to our own country.”


Khaled and Djaida part 3

About the same time Moharib, the other brother, had a son born to him, whom he called Khaled. He chose this name out of gratitude to God, because, since his brother`s departure, his affairs had prospered.

The two children in time reached maturity, and their fame spread far and wide among the Arabians. Zahir had taught his daughter to ride horseback, and trained her in all the accomplishments fitting to a brave and daring warrior. He accustomed her to the severest labor, and the most perilous enterprises.

When he went to war, he put her among the other Arabs of the clan, and among these horsemen she soon took her rank as one of the most valiant of them. And thus it came to pass that she outstripped all her comrades, and would even attack the lions in their dens. At last her name inspired the greatest terror; when she had conquered a champion she never failed to cry out: “I am Djonder, son of Zahir, horseman of the clans.”

For his part, her cousin

Khaled and Djaida part 2

Khaled and Djaida (From The Romance of Antar)

Moharib and Zahir were two brothers, by the same father and mother; the Arabians call them “germane”. Both were eminent for their courage and daring. But Moharib was chief of the clan, and Zahir was his minister, subject to his authority, giving him counsel and advice. It happened that a violent dispute and quarrel arose between them. Zahir retired to his tent, sorrowing and not knowing what to do. “What is the matter with you?” demanded his wife. “Why are you troubled? What has happened? Has anyone displeased or insulted you—the greatest of Arabian chiefs?”

“What am I to do?” said Zahir; “he who has injured me is one I cannot lay hands on, or wrong; my companion in private, my brother in the world. Oh, if it had been any other, I would have shown him what kind of man he was at odds with, and made an example of him before the chiefs of our people!” “Leave him in the enjoyment of his possessi

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The literature of the Arab originated in the improvisations of stories and poems among the pre-Mohammedan inhabitants of Arabia. These were the oral recitations of the people, transmitted from generation to generation. It is improbable that anything was actually collected and reduced to writing before the Ninth or Tenth Century A.D., although some time during the Ninth Century Al-Asma`i brought together the elements that make up the Romance of Antar, one of the stories from which is here reprinted. This coloured and romantic accumulation of poetic stories and legends is the great epic of Arabian literature.

The Arabs are noted for nomadic existence, but there were also town dwellers in Arabia who appreciated a less simple story than the recitations of the wandering inhabitants of the desert and therefore im-ported several cycles or collections of tales, of which the supreme masterpiece is the celebrated Thousand Nights and One

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Khans, Tzars, Orpheus, Spartacus, Thracians, Levski, Botev … All of them start with capital `B` for Bulgaria. These are also the places that you can see on your Bulgaria vacations.

Bulgaria is the Thracians – great warriors and horsemen that were feared and outsiders respected them. It is also the country of accomplished artists and farmers who grew wealthy from trading jewelry, copper and gold. Their fierce weaponry is in archaeological museums around the country. Anyone who likes to see it, can do it there. Many tombs, discovered mainly in central Bulgaria – the region of Kazanlak and Shipka, reveal the Thracians` rituals, their beliefs. A gold mask and a bronze head of a Thracian King have been found there.

Interesting Bulgaria

Places to see and things to do on Bulgaria vacations are waiting you to discover them. These are Rila Mountain that gave home to the Rila Monastery, the magnificent holy cloister, unity of spirituality, cultu

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Since antiquity different tribes and peoples have inhabited the territory of Bulgaria. The country`s many ancient settlements and burial mounds are a proof of that. Present-day Bulgaria was also a cradle of some of the earliest civilizations in Europe. Evidence of that is the oldest gold ornament people have ever discovered. It was unearthed in the Chalcolithic necropolis near Varna. Certainly these are all also available to be visit in your Bulgaria trips.

From the age of Ancient Thrace we have inherited valuable cultural monuments, including tombs such as the Kazanlak tomb, the Aleksandrovska tomb, and the Sveshtarska tomb. We have also inherited treasures (the Panagyursko, Rogozensko, and Valchitransko treasures, among others). Last but not least are the sanctuaries and temples that remind us of times long gone. The holy places at Perperikon, Starosel, Kozi Gramadi, Begliktash, and elsewhere.

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Bulgaria is one of the best places you can visit and really enjoy. It`s a small country but profoundly rich in history and amazing nature. This is due to the many miracles it hides – some of them known, others unknown. Not only your eyes will be wide open for the beauties of that small, ex-communist country but you will also have your hearts set on mystical Bulgaria tours again. In short, tour Bulgaria to explore it.

Mystical Bulgaria Tours – come for your holidays to Bulgaria and see for yourselves!

One of those miracles is Krustova Gora (Cross Forest) – the legend says people get cured on that holy place while sleeping. What monks there say is you only need to remember what you saw in your dream after you woke up the next morning. Then you let energy work for your cure. For years this place has been known for its healing power and the thousands of miracles that ha

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Working is part of man`s nature. Relaxing is as well. Some love the silence, peacefulness of the mountain while others are absolute lovers of the water, and noisy places with many people. They love the scent of the sea, the sound of the waves. They also love the endlessness of the water, the always hungry seagulls… To them we recommend coastal Bulgaria holidays.

Not until the 1960`s was the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria developed for mass tourism. At first, mainly the officials of the Communist party benefitted from the few resorts. Soon after that new and sophisticated resorts began to appear quickly attracting tourists from all over the world. Also, the Bulgarian seaside is generally thought of as one of the most reasonable and affordable summer destinations in Europe. In addition to it, the beautiful nature and moderate an

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Bulgaria mountain tours

If you haven`t been to Bulgaria yet, it is time to think about it and pack your luggage. Then, as soon as possible, go for Bulgaria holidays! One of the best ways to do it is to join adventure Balkan tours.

Bulgaria is a small country but with a big arsenal of interesting and adventurous offers for a holiday-long-to-remember. (daily tours Sofia)The geographical position and the nature of the country give many opportunities for different adventure Balkan tours. The country is part of the Balkan Peninsula or the Balkans (as it is known). The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch from the east of Serbia. Then go to the Black Sea at the east of Bulgaria. The Balkans have always been a centre of attraction for historians, history-lov