The Pier part 3


    Peeping into the room she finds two beds, under which the familiar packages and trunks are deposited. Her husband is standing before one of the beds.

    “Look it through, madam. It is like this.”

    This is the room; she must look through it carefully. During the long, long voyage of her husband, this is the room where her dreams must come and go.

    A man, who looks like the captain, comes, and, addressing her husband in French, guides him to the saloon of the ship. She follows her husband and the viscount and enters the romp.

    This is a spacious and beautiful saloon. Several tables are arranged, each bearing a flower basket. … Gradually the people who came to say farewell gather into the room.

    By the order of this man, who looks like the captain, a waiter brings forth many cups in the shape of morning-glories, and, pouring champagne into them, he distributes them among the people. Another waiter brings cakes, like those which are brought with ice cream, piled on a plate in the form of the well crib, and distributes them among the people.

    The people who received the cups go one after another, and stand before her husband and the viscount, wishing them a happy voyage, and drink from the cups.

    Sitting on a small chair beside the table, she is waiting for the time when the congratulations are at an end. During his busy moments, now and then, her husband lifts his eyes to her.

    However, there is no more to be said to her before many people. Also, there is no more to be said to him, before many people.

    Bidden farewell

    The bell rings. Having bidden farewell to her husband and to the viscount the people are going out, one after another. She also follows them, saluting her husband and the viscount.

    Again crossing the dangerous gangplank, she descends to the pier. She receives the light green umbrella from the hand of her maidservant, and raises it.

    Her husband and the viscount are standing on the bulwark looking in her direction. She is looking up at them from under her umbrella. She feels that her eyes, as she looks up, are growing gradually larger and larger.

    Again the bell rings. A few French sailors begin to untie the rope from the gangplank. A Japanese laborer in Hanten is standing on the stool like that which is used in repairing the trolley, preparing to draw down the gangplank. Hanging on the rope of the wheel, pulled by the man in Hanten, the gangplank at last leaves the bulwark.

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