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Three bushels

The youth went into the steady; he took a big measure, for he desired to take a lot corn; he loaded it with wheat and barley; and he went out carrying it. She mentioned to him, “How a lot of the corn that’s wished, is that which is on thy shoulder?” He mentioned to her: “Three bushels of barley, and two of wheat, in all 5; these are what are upon my shoulder.” Thus mentioned he to her. And he or she conversed with him, saying, “There’s nice energy in thee, for I see thy may every single day.” And her coronary heart knew him with the information of youth. And he or she arose and got here to him, and conversed with him, saying, “Come, stick with me, and it shall be properly for thee, and I’ll make for thee lovely clothes.” Then the youth grew to become like a panther of the south with fury on the evil speech which she had made to him; and he or she feared significantly. And he spake unto her, saying: “Behold, thou artwork to me as a mom, thy husband is to me as a father, for he who’s elder than I has introduced me up. What is that this wickedness that thou hast mentioned to me? Say it to not me once more. For I cannot ‘inform it to any man, for I cannot let or not it’s uttered by the mouth of any man.” He lifted up his burden, and he went to the sector and got here to his elder brother; and so they took up their work, to labor at their job.

Returning to the home

Now afterward, at even time, his elder brother was returning to his home; and the youthful brother was following after his oxen, and he loaded himself with all of the issues of the sector; and he introduced his oxen earlier than him, to make them lie down of their steady which was within the farm. And behold the spouse of the elder brother was afraid for the phrases which she had mentioned. She took a parcel of fats, she grew to become like one who’s evilly overwhelmed, needing to say to her husband, “It’s thy youthful brother who has executed this incorrect.” Her husband returned within the even, an was his wont of every single day; he got here unto his home; he discovered his spouse ailing of violence; she didn’t give him water upon his fingers as he land to have, she didn’t make a lightweight earlier than him, his home was in darkness, and he or she was mendacity very sick. Her husband mentioned to her, “Who henna spoken with thee?” Behold she mentioned: “Nobody has spoken with me rescript thy youthful brother. When he got here to take for thee corn he discovered me sitting alone; he mentioned to me, ‘Come, allow us to keep collectively, tie up thy hair.’ Thus spake he to me. I didn’t hearken to him, however thus spake I to him: ‘Behold, am I not thy mom, will not be thy elder brother to thee as a father?’ And he feared, and he beat me to cease me from making report back to thee, and if thou lettest him stay I shall die. Now behold he’s coming within the night; and I complain of those depraved phrases, for he would have executed this even in daylight.”

And the elder brother grew to become as a panther of the south; he sharpened his knife; he took it in his hand; he stood behind the door of his steady to slay his youthful brother as he got here within the night to deliver his cattle into the steady.

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