As big as 9 million square meters, this vast desert is located at the north of Africa. ‘Sahara’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘desert’. Against popular belief, not all of Sahara is covered with sand. In addition to sand dunes that are called ‘ergs’ and make up one fifth of the desert, there are rocks and taluses. There are even mountains as high as 3 thousand meters.

    Situated at the South America, the Amazon Basin is the land around Amazon River. Rain forests grab the most attention in this basin. As long as 6 thousand 400 kilometers, this river is one of worlds longest and this resource is considered as the world’s oxygen source with its rain forests. The forests house thousands of plant and animal species, a number of local communities live in these forests.

    Derived from ‘neilos’ (‘river bed’) in Greek River Nile was called as iteru’ (big river’) in Ancient Egypt. World’s longest river Nile has a length of 6 thousand 650 kilometers, flows in Africa and its basin covers one tenth of the continent. There are nine African countries within the basin. Ending its delta with all its fertility in Egypt, this big river meant life for the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Today it is still important for Egypt by means of watering, electricity generation and transportation.

    Composed of more than 17 thousand islands Indonesia is the fourth most populated country of the world, also the most Muslim populated one. Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Capital city Bangkok

    Thai is the language of this country, which is a kingdom. The capital city is Bangkok, the name meaning ‘city of angels’. A major part of the population believes in Buddhism and as the traditions of this religion say built huge temples, carried the belief on.

    This beautiful country, at the southeast of Australia is composed of two big and many small islands. Wellington is the capital city. This country on the Southern Hemisphere has a mild weather temperature. Warmest season in summer is in January and February. Best time to run away from the cold weather of the Northern Hemisphere.

    About 30 million people inhibit in this region where minus 40 Celsius degrees is felt, that is as big as 13 million square meters, from Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. There are many Turkish ethnicities such as Yenisei, Altai, and Sayan Turks on these lands of the Russian Federation…

    Close to Irkutsk city, this wonder of nature is called as the `Blue Eye of Siberia’. Known as the world’s deepest lake, it is also guessed that the lake is geologically around 30 million years old, Freshwater seals inhabit in the Lake which comprises 20 percent of world’s drinking water.

    Recently Turkey has been succeeding considerably in volleyball. Both on clubs and national teams levels… As Turkey Women’s National Volleyball Team aka `Sultans of the Net’ took the third place in Women’s European Volleyball Championship, Gozde Sonsirma’s its mark.

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