Towards Turkish Republic


First steps towards the Republic

When we take a tour at the history section it is possible to name many civilizations such as Assyrians, Hittites, Cimmerians, Phrygians, Romans, Danisments, Etratna, Seljuks, llkhanids and Ottomans that though did not settle and remain for many years but lodged in Sivas.Sivas is one of rare provinces in Turkey that still significantly conserves this cultural and historical heritage bestowed by its past. The facts that Sivas is one of the regions witnessing the Sivas Congress realized by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on 4 September 1919 and then the foundation of Republic, increaseA beautiful example of Ottoman mosques built in the 19th century under the Western impression. Built by Kizil Arslan bin Ibrahim between years 1196-1197, Ulu Mosque is one of the oldest mosques of the city. It was restored during the reign of Izzettin Keykavus I, in 1212.

Even Evliya Celebi`s pen failed to express

Famous traveler Evliya Celebi says, “”Languages are barren, pens are broken in its praise”” for the Great Mosque.The purpose of your Sivas visit does not matter; you must visit the Great Mosque by facing up to that challenging road between Kangal-Divrigi…The structure is included in the UNESCO`s World Heritage List with its architectural features as well as the traditional Anatolian stonemasonry. It is a first in Turkey in this aspect. Stonemasonry of the kiblah (direction of Mecca) door is a tremendous work. This unique monument having its place in world art history with the name of `Divrigi Ulu Camii and Daru`l-Sifasi` is constructed by Ahmet Shah the Ruler of Mengucek and the Sifahane (medical center) by Melike Turan, wife of Ahmet Shah in the period of Mengucek Beylik (1228). Three dimensional detailed geometric styles and ornaments, asymmetric figures carved into doors and walls must be seen.

Where to saty?

Best options for accommodation in Sivas are Fatih Hotel (,Akgul Hotel (0346 225 59 60) and Sivas Divan Hotel (0346 22178 78).One of the most important values of Sivas is Kangal shepherd dogs. This brave, very strong, fast and agile breed is truly loyal to its owner. With their grey bodies, they look noble and beautiful.

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