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In direction of Turkish Republic

First steps in direction of the Republic

Once we take a tour on the historical past part it’s attainable to call many civilizations equivalent to Assyrians, Hittites, Cimmerians, Phrygians, Romans, Danisments, Etratna, Seljuks, llkhanids and Ottomans that although didn’t settle and stay for a few years however lodged in Sivas.

Sivas is considered one of uncommon provinces in Turkey that also considerably conserves this cultural and historic heritage bestowed by its previous. The info that Sivas is among the areas witnessing the Sivas Congress realized by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on four September 1919 after which the muse of Republic, improve

An attractive instance of Ottoman mosques constructed within the 19th century beneath the Western impression. Constructed by Kizil Arslan bin Ibrahim between years 1196-1197, Ulu Mosque is among the oldest mosques of the town. It was restored in the course of the reign of Izzettin Keykavus I, in 1212.

Even Evliya Celebi’s pen failed to precise

Well-known traveler Evliya Celebi says, “Languages are barren, pens are damaged in its reward” for the Nice Mosque.

The aim of your Sivas go to doesn’t matter; you need to go to the Nice Mosque by dealing with as much as that difficult street between Kangal-Divrigi…

The construction is included within the UNESCO’s World Heritage Record with its architectural options in addition to the standard Anatolian stonemasonry. It’s a first in Turkey on this facet. Stonemasonry of the kiblah (course of Mecca) door is an incredible work. This distinctive monument having its place in world artwork historical past with the title of ‘Divrigi Ulu Camii and Daru’l-Sifasi’ is constructed by Ahmet Shah the Ruler of Mengucek and the Sifahane (medical heart) by Melike Turan, spouse of Ahmet Shah within the interval of Mengucek Beylik (1228). Three dimensional detailed geometric types and ornaments, uneven figures carved into doorways and partitions have to be seen.


Greatest choices for lodging in Sivas are Fatih Resort (,

Akgul Resort (0346 225 59 60) and Sivas Divan Resort (0346 22178 78).

One of the essential values of Sivas is Kangal shepherd canine. This courageous, very robust, quick and agile breed is actually loyal to its proprietor. With their gray our bodies, they give the impression of being noble and delightful.

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